Teacher Web Pages

Teacher Web Pages

To see a detailed curriculum, classroom expectations and grading policies for teacher's courses, click on the above link

Some teachers maintain their own webpages which relate to their courses.  You may link to the following instructor pages below:
         Jessica Rollins     (Art - Art I, Art IB, Art II, Art III, Art IV, AP Art, SOU Art) 
       Michael Shunk     (Science - Biology, Honors Biology)

         Kelly Fogg-Johnson     (Language Arts - English 9, Advanced English 10, English 11)
         Diane Green     (Science - Biology, Chemistry, Honors Biology)
         Anne Bryan     (Language Arts - English 9, Advanced English 9)

         Michael Gullo     (Science - AP Environmental Studies)
         Michael Gullo     (Science - Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
         Michael Gullo     (Science - Environmental Biology)
         John Cornet     (Social Studies - AP Government, United States History)


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