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Two Way Bilingual Immersion

The Phoenix Talent School District is proud to offer our Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs.  An organized curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to help students develop functional fluency and literacy in their first and second languages, acquire knowledge in all academic subjects, and encourage understanding and appreciation of other languages and cultures.  The Phoenix Talent School District offers an additive program where children become lifelong learners of languages.  The curriculum is aligned with the Oregon State Standards and participating students will be able to fulfill requirements for promotion and graduation.
Why choose an Immersion Program?
An immersion program challenges and stimulates children’s cognitive, social and linguistic development.  Children are given an authentic setting in which to learn from each other.  Immersion students will have the potential to participate in a variety of unique linguistic and cultural opportunities as bilingual adults.  Career options are constantly expanding.  They may have more opportunities in international business, diplomacy, teaching, social work, medicine, travel, and innumerable other careers.

Program Description Reading Instruction

Kinder, 1st and 2nd grades spend alternate days in English and Spanish.  During the first few weeks in Kinder the teacher uses both languages until children are comfortable.  At that point, full day instruction in one language begins.  Spanish and English are taught on alternating days.  3rd, 4th and 5th graders spend alternating weeks in each language.  Children will be taught to read in their dominate language until proficient, i.e. at grade level.  When a child reads at grade level in one language, he/she will be given reading instruction in the second language.  By 3rd grade all children will receive reading instruction in both languages.
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