Graduation Requirements

A Phoenix High School Diploma will be awarded to each student who has satisfactorily completed all state and local requirements for units of credit, proficiency of Essential Skills, and attendance.

Credit Requirements
Subject Credit Requirement
English / Language Arts 4
(at different levels)
3 (Algebra I and above)
(at different levels)
Social Studies 3
Physical Education 1
Health 1
Advisory 1
Second Language /
Arts / CTE **
Electives 6
Total Academic Credits: 25

**See the current Student & Parent Handbook for a current list of courses that fill the "Second Language/Arts/CTE" Requirement

Essential Skills Requirements
Students must demonstrate proficiency in the essential skills of Reading, Writing, and Applying Math​. Below are the OAKS scores that the State Board of Education has approved for meeting proficiency.
  Reading Applying Math Writing
Passing OAKS Score 236 236 40
Work Samples
Students may also meet essential skill requirements using work samples scored with the official state scoring guides.

Students must produce 2 reading work samples, at least one of which must be informative. (Students could have 1 informative and 1 literary work sample or 2 informative work samples.) Each work sample must have a total score of 12 or higher, with no trait lower than 3. Traits are Demonstrate General Understanding, Develop an Interpretation, and Analyze Text.

Students must complete 2 writing work samples; at least one expository or persuasive; the second may be expository, persuasive, or narrative (personal or fictional). Scores on each work sample must be 4 or higher on each of the four required traits for both work samples (using Official State Writing Scoring Guide).

Applying Mathematics
Students must complete 2 mathematics problem solving tasks, one each for any two of the required content strands—Algebraic Relationships, Geometry, or Probability and Statistics. Each work sample must score a 4 or higher in the four traits plus accuracy. Traits are making sense of the task, representing and solving the task, communicating reasoning, accuracy, reflecting and evaluating.

*For a more detail explanation of the PHS Graduation Requirements please see the current Student & Parent Handbook​*

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