Cross Country

Cross Country
Cross Country Coaching Staff:
*Head Coach John Cornet     541-535-5232 (cell), 
*Assistant Coach Carolena Campbell, Lisa Robin, Michael Gullo, Nathan Watt, Paul Adams, Kelly Coash-Adams
  R e c e n t   T e a m   P e r f o r m a n c e s      
       G i r l s                               B o y s                   
2017 -- (did not qualify)                  2017 -- (did not qualify)
2016 -- 11th at State            2016 -- 3rd at State
2015 -- 5th at State              2015 -- 2nd at State
2014 -- State Champions     2014 -- 2nd at State

2013 -- 2nd at State             2013 -- 3rd at State
2012 -- 6th at State              2012 -- (did not qualify)

2011 -- 5th at State              2011 -- (did not qualify)
2010 -- 3rd at State             2010 -- 5th at State
Cross Country Informational/Recruitment Flier  (dated 2016, but the information is reasonably current)
Visit the Cross Country page at Athletic.Net for our competition schedule, current team Prs and records from the entire program history.
See these historical records to see how Phoenix Cross Country has performed as a team in the Skyline Conference and at the Oregon State Championships (through October 2014).
Over the summer we have open practices, and welcome middle schoolers and those from other schools to join us.  This flier from the summer of 2015 provides a little information.  Contact the coach to learn when the upcoming summer schedule will look like.

Who's Who in Oregon Track and Cross Country

Published continuously since 1965, Whos Who has reported on statewide high school track & field and cross country, offering championship results, maintenance of state record lists, and analysis.  Here is a link to their page.

Visit the Cross Country Facebook page for photos dating back to 1964, and occasional updates on our team and on alumni who are still competing beyond graduation!


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