School Data

   All public schools and charter schools in the state of Oregon are held accountable
   to the public through many reports and metrics.  One of the most comprehensive
   measures available is the School Report Card.  In it you will find information on state
   testing results, demographic information, staff information, and much more.  
   The state redesigned the School Report Card in 2013. Below you will find links to  
   both English and Spanish versions of the Phoenix Elementary School Report Card for
   previous years.

Oregon Report card - 2014-2015  English

Oregon Report card - 2014-2015  Spanish

Oregon Report card - 2013-2014  English

Oregon Report card - 2013-2014  Spanish

Oregon Report Card 2012 - 2013 English

Oregon Report Card 2012 - 2013 Spanish

Jackson county vaccines

Vaccinations 2015-16 

Vaccinations 2015-16 Sp

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