Earn College Credit Now!

Phoenix High School has joined with several local community colleges and universities to offer dual credit to our students. This means that a student is able to earn both high school credit AND college credit in many of their classes! Check out this video (partially filmed at Phoenix High School!) to see how this opportunity is positively impacting our students and families:

To get started, take a look at this list of current dual credit options to see if you are (or will be) taking any of these courses. The teacher will introduce the dual credit opportunity to the students in the class, and provide information on how to sign up and obtain the credit. Many of the dual credit courses are free to students and parents; however, some courses may require a fee. 

Please check out the links below to learn more about the variety of dual credit options available. Further questions should be directed to Tami Ingwerson, our Academic Advisor and RCC Liaison.

RCC College Now provides information on Rogue Community College's dual credit courses. Students can also choose to work towards a Transfer or Pathways Certificate while in high school. The current Certificate options are:
SOU Early Entry gives more information on Southern Oregon University's dual credit options. 

- Instructions for viewing your SOU credits and ordering an official transcript are available here.

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