Evaluation and Professional Development

Current Team Members:  Carol Cox PHS SpEd Teacher & Association President; Heather Lowe, TOSA Grant Coordinator; Dan Preskinis, PES Teacher; Jen Campbell, TES SpEd Teacher; Cally McKenzie, Dir. of H/R

Goal:  Improve educator effectiveness through training and professional development in the elements of Oregonís Model Core Teaching Standards in order to increase student outcomes.

This team continued work this summer to identify areas of the rubric that were not as clear as we would have liked.  Through this work they have added more explictied language, indicators, and guiding questions. In addition, they proposed splitting serveral standards apart for clarity and added one additional standard.  This year a team will travel to the schools to outline changes and gather input before recommending an updated version to be implemented in the Fall of 2016. 

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