Current Team Members:   Alice Levey, PES ELD Teacher; Brad Jones, PHS Teacher; Clint Rodreick, PHS Teacher; Pam DíHaem, TES Teacher; Jessica Ward, OHES Teacher; Heather Lowe, TOSA Grant Coordinator Aaron Santi, TMS Principal; Cally McKenzie, HR Director; Brent Barry, OHES Principal;

Goal:  Create an innovative compensation system that supports and rewards excellence in education, promotes increased student growth and achievement, and attracts and retains high-quality educators by connecting administrator and teacher proficiency, expanded leadership roles, and professional development to alternative salary advancement.

The Compensation team has worked diligently to analyze research on alternative compensation for teachers.  They have examined multiple alternative salary schedules from around the country and participated in extensive discussions about what motivates, attracts and retains high quality teachers.  A group of teachers from this team traveled to each school site to solicit feedback from our current teachers about what motivates them and asked what they think should be considered for extra compensation.  Also, teachers were asked what should be used as a measure for movement on an alternative salary schedule.  Based on the sum of the research, discussions and feedback from teachers, the team is working on drafting an alternative salary schedule for consideration by staff and our School Board.  
This year we will work spend time reaching out to all stakeholders to gather input on the proposed model and measure support for this undertaking.  

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