Career Pathways:
Current Team Members:  Tami Ingwerson, PHS Academic Advisor; Carolyn White, TOSA Instruction and Intervention Coordinator, Jessica Ward, OHES Teacher; Brent Barry, OHES Principal

Goal:  Create leadership opportunities that will provide advancement, support district initiatives and address the professional development needs identified through the evaluation process.

The long-term mission of this team centers on using our evaluation data to encourage and support highly effective teachers as they take on leadership roles across the district. 

Our system of aligned professional learning provides job-embedded professional development targeted to prioritized areas of need for teacher effectiveness and student achievement, as well as professional development to support the new evaluation system.  The system also provides the training required for teacher leaders who provide professional development.  New career pathways were developed to support this system through PLCs, mentoring, coaching, and site-based leadership.  Teachers in these leadership positions support colleagues in professional learning and in elements of the evaluation system.  

Last year we began a new Mentor Program within our District.  We trained 13 teachers and administrators to become District Mentors.  This year we had 15 teachers that were either newly hired or in their second year of mentorship that were paired with mentors.  

This year, in addition to Mentors positions, we have also added positions for EBISS Data Leaders, PLC Leaders and Instructional Leaders. 

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