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In the event a staff member is ill and unable to attend our staff meetings, some of the powerpoints are offered below.  Please understand they are visuals in support of a presentation and guides for the speaker, and as such verbal support to accompany the slides is missing.  Be sure to speak to your colleagues to see what beyond the powerpoint below is relevant to the information. 
***November 2015 - Presentation about Circles strategies for Advisory and instructional settings.
***November 2015 - Data from two years.  (from the first two months of 2015) extracurricular
                                 participation statistics for Phoenix HS, and (from 2014-2015) comparing our school
                                 to those with similar demographics in the state.    
***September 2015 - “Gradual Release of Responsibility and Creating a Classroom Which
                            Encourages Learning
***September 2015 - “Engaging the Adolescent Learner, First 20 Days” presentation


  1. Go to     
        - Your log-in (until you change it) is in the letter which Debbie Rogers from the district office
           provides to you  (info on how/where to change this below).  
        - Once logged-in, you will be brought directly to a “Create Absence” page.  It looks like THIS.

  2. Here is what you do on this first page:  
        “Is a substitute required?”       Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
        “Absence reason”       Select from the drop down menu
        “Time”       Select from the drop down menu
                .......Important!  Realize that the times are pre-set in a manner which does not align
                       with our school, so put in the correct ones.
        “Select a date”       Click on the date
                .......Important!  When you click on the date you have no confirmation until the next
                       page.  The only place you see it is in the faint blue line atop the calendar.
         There is an opportunity to attach files and notes for the sub, or notes to an               
         administrator, but those are optional.

    When done, click the green “Create Absence” (if no sub is needed) or “Create Absence and             Assign Sub” (is a sub is needed) in the lower right corner

  3. This opens page 2, a popup.  See it HERE.
           - You may select a sub.  Please notice this is not a particularly lengthy list of substitutes,
              so the sooner absences are reported the better.  The nice thing is that it tells you
              who is available and who is not.  It looks like THIS
           - Select someone.  And it will bring you to a confirmation page, which looks like THIS.

That’s it!  You’re all set!
After completing the above, you still need to submit a Leave Request Form.  It takes only a few seconds to do.
Are you covering a period in-house for another teacher?  Fill our this 'Sub by Period' Form and give it to the Office Manager to make sure this is reflected in your paycheck.

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