National Honor Society

National Honor Society
Advisor: Michelle House                                    
Contact: Michelle.House@Phoenix.K12.Or.Us or 541-535-1526

This is a national program wherein students who excel in scholarship, volunteerism and character are eligible to be inducted into the program.  In accordance with national program guidelines, students may join the program their sophomore, junior or senior years.  (Freshmen are welcome to participate in our volunteer activities, but are not eligible to be formal members of the program before their sophomore year; this is a national organization rule).   These requirements need to be newly met each year.
Dues are $10/year for participants, regardless of whether or not they meet the criteria for induction into the organization.
Please see the Mrs. House for detailed information.
Here is our Recruitment/Information Flier
Here is our Application for Induction
This is an explanation of the Different Areas of Evaluation
The Phoenix HS Charter to the National Honor Society
Volunteer Activity Documentation Form may be found here and needs to be completed and turned in for every activity for which the students seeks to claim.

The above information about the program is current, although some fliers may list john Cornet (the prior advisor) instead of Michelle House (the current advisor) as the point of contact.  Cornet stepped down in June 2016 and Michelle House is the current advisor who orchestrates this program.

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