TRiO Educational Talent Search

TRiOTRiO Educational Talent Search is a grant funded program through the US Department of Education serving 600 students in Jackson County. The program operates in 7 schools, including Phoenix High School and Talent Middle School, and serves students in grades 6-12. TRIO ETS works with students to provide services that prepare them for
a post-secondary education. 

Services include:
- Academic, financial and career counseling
- Career exploration and aptitude assessment
- Tutorial services and referral
- Information on post-secondary education
- Exposure to college campuses
- Information on financial assistance
- Assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications
- Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams
- Special activities for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students
- Workshops for the families of participants
- TRiO students receive waivers for SAT & ACT test fees and admission fees to most US colleges.

To be eligible to take advantage of TRiO ETS services you must qualify as a first generation student (your parents did not obtain a 4-year college degree), meet the US income guidelines, or both. All TRiO ETS participants must be a US citizen or a qualified permanent resident. All applicants are required to complete a TRiO ETS application form.
All services are FREE and space is limited, so sign up today! The most crucial time for preparing for college is right now! Getting ready for college requires a lot of planning and making important decisions along the way. Fortunately, TRiO can help! To learn more, visit the TRiO webpage.

Please contact Sonia Lemacks in the Future Planning Center for more information at 541-897-6738 or



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