Leadership Team:

Current Members:  Heather Lowe, Program Coordinator/Title II TOSA; Carolyn White, TOSA; Carol Cox, PHS SpEd Teacher; Alice Levey, PES ELD Teacher; Jen Campbell, TES SpEd Teacher; Aaron Santi, TMS Principal; Brent Barry, OHES Principal; Sandra Tringolo, TMS Teacher; Tami Ingwerson PHS Academic Advisor; Jessica Ward, OHES Teacher, Cally McKenzie, Dir. of H/R

Meeting Notes:

9-22-15     10-13-15

Phoenix-Talent Schools prides itself on its ability to foster relationships within the district and wider community that promote ongoing, collaborative, trusting communication.  Throughout the design and implementation of the grant, our goal has been to sustain these positive relationships and utilize these strengths to help guide our work.  We recognize that when implementing system-wide changes, all stakeholders must have opportunities to be involved in the decision-making process.  During Leadership meetings, we continually assess the effectiveness of our communication and look for opportunities to improve.  To that end, we encourage an “open-door” policy for communication via email, telephone, and in person.  We would love to hear from you!

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