College Dreams

College DreamsCollege Dreams began as a pilot program in 1998 with 33 students in the 6th grade at South Middle School and Fleming Middle School in Josephine County, Oregon. This one-of-a-kind program was created by Tom & Judie Drummond, and has now grown to serve over 1,700 students as of 2012.

College Dreams promotes healthy youth development, academic excellence, and college preparation for students, especially those who face life challenges. College Dreams is an evidence-based program for engaging bright young people in typically underserved populations. We do this by providing our students, known as “Dreamers”, with an on-site College Preparation Specialist (CPS) who works with students on a weekly or monthly basis providing activities and experiences centered around careers and college. Additionally, we go on college tours, provide college scholarships, help with college and scholarship applications, and more.

Eligible students will be enrolled based on whether they meet eligibility requirements, and if there is space available. Students are pre-screened by College Dreams Administration and then invited to apply to our program. We welcome ‘nominations’ from schools, organizations, parents, and community members. College Dreams has earned state and national awards for increasing academic excellence, high school graduation, and college readiness.

If you have questions, please contact a College Preparation Specialist for Phoenix High School:


Brenda Aguilera
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