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This page is a platform to support Mr. Cornet’s AP American Government and United States History courses, by making available certain assignments and quick-look study sheets.
By providing these materials online, it is hoped that . . .
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       - ELL and SPED instructors and parents can utilize these in support of their students.
       - AP Students will find these resources helpful in preparation for their national exams.
       - Teachers (no matter where they are in the world) may find these resources helpful.
What follows is not by any means all-encompassing curriculum and is not intended to include important things such as lecture notes (which represent the bulk of the course) nor film pieces, but rather this is a sampling of things which I felt would be supportive to the aforementioned groups to provide online.
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United States History
Different activity methodologies are noted by the following:  “B” Brainstorm study sheets, “R” longer reading, “I” Inquiry, “C” format modeled after Common Core, "M" emphasis on visual maps or cartoons, * means there are questions attached to the information.  On occasion, there may be multiple assignments/activities within the same attachment.
      CLICK HERE     ---          Historical Inquiry/Thinking Skills
      CLICK HERE     B           1600-1700  Early Colonial Settlement/Motivations For Colonial Settlement
CLICK HERE     B           1600-1753  Early Colonial Settlement/English-Influenced Tensions
CLICK HERE     B*         1600-1764  Early Colonial Settlement/Development of Regional Culture
CLICK HERE     B*         1600-1970  Overview of American Religious Movements
CLICK HERE     I*          1692           Salem Witch Trials
CLICK HERE     B*         1760-1986  Overview of Immigration in America
CLICK HERE     B*         1763-1775  Accumulation of Grievances
CLICK HERE     I,C*       1777-1780  Benedict Arnold
      CLICK HERE     B*         1781-1789  Formation of a New Government
CLICK HERE     C*         1782-1783  Treaty of 1783
CLICK HERE     B           1786-1791  Federalists v. Anti-Federalists
CLICK HERE     B,R,M* 1787-1860  Increasing Sectional Differences in the Antebellum Era
CLICK HERE     B           1800-1809  Power Struggles in the Jeffersonian Era
CLICK HERE     B           1800-1860  Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny
CLICK HERE     B*         1801-1837  Contrasting Principles of Jefferson and Jacksonian Democracy
CLICK HERE     B           1816-1824   Era of Good Feelings
CLICK HERE     B*         1824-1840  Jacksonian Era
      CLICK HERE     R*         1820-1861  Life in Slavery, A Brief Review
CLICK HERE     B           1848-1920  Suffragette Movement
CLICK HERE     C*         1861-1865  Civil War
CLICK HERE     B,R*     1865-1877  Reconstruction Era
      CLICK HERE     B           1877-1896  Gilded Age
      CLICK HERE     B,R,M* 1894-1912  Progressive Era
      CLICK HERE     B           1896-1954  Early Foundations of the Civil Rights Movement
CLICK HERE     B           1914           Causes of World War I
CLICK HERE     B,R*     1914-1918  Diverging Public Opinion During World War I
CLICK HERE     B*         1914-1918  Home Front During World War I
CLICK HERE     B*         1917-1945  Early Foundations of the Cold War
CLICK HERE     B*         1919-1929  Roaring Twenties
CLICK HERE     R*         1919-1929  Flappers and Women’s Rights
CLICK HERE     B*         1919-1933  Prohibition
CLICK HERE     B           1929           Economic Conditions Preceding the Stock Market Crash
CLICK HERE     B           1929-1933  Hoover Administration
CLICK HERE     C*         1929-1934  The Great Depression
CLICK HERE     B*         1933-1941  New Deal and Pre-War F.D.Roosevelt
CLICK HERE     B*         1941-1945  Home Front During World War II
CLICK HERE     R*         1941-1945  Japanese-American Internment Camps
CLICK HERE     R*         1945           Dropping the Atomic Bombs
CLICK HERE     B*         1945-1989  Cold War Entrenched
CLICK HERE     B           1950-1989  Cold War Policies and Theory
CLICK HERE     B*         1950-1959  The 1950s: The American Dream Blinds Us To Realities
CLICK HERE     R*         1950-1970  Cesar Chavez
      CLICK HERE     B*         1954-1969  Civil Rights Movement
CLICK HERE     R*         1958-1968  Comparison of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X
CLICK HERE     B*         1963-1971  Escalation of anti-War Sentiment
CLICK HERE     B*         1964-1972  Twenty-somethings in the 1960s
CLICK HERE     R*         1967           “I Am Joaquin” poem by Rodolfo Gonzales
CLICK HERE     B*         1970-1979  The 1970s: The Challenge of Re-Centering Society
Calvin and Hobbes

AP American Government
      A P   E x a m i n a t i o n   P r e p
CLICK HERE     Practice AP Multiple Choice Questions  x493  (*pdf, 86 pages)
CLICK HERE     Practice AP Free Response Questions  x76  (*pdf, 22 pages)
CLICK HERE     Textbook Outlining Assignment (due dates are for 2017-2018)
      Q u i c k - L o o k u p   N o t e s
        The below activities and Quick-Look Notes are not listed in any particular order.  (Sorry).
      CLICK HERE     Nationalization of the Bill of Rights
CLICK HERE     Checks and Balances
CLICK HERE     Federalism
CLICK HERE     Tactics which Influence the Crafting and Deliberations of Legislation
CLICK HERE     Introduction to American Government
CLICK HERE     Effort at Forming a Unified Government, 1754-1789
CLICK HERE     Interpretations of the Constitution
CLICK HERE     US Constitution and Amendments
      CLICK HERE     Steps to Creating a Constitutional Amendment
      CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Departments Which Reside Within Each Branch of Government
CLICK HERE     Number of Working Days, by Branch of Government
CLICK HERE     Electoral College
CLICK HERE     Executive Order
CLICK HERE     Midnight Regulations
CLICK HERE     Tough on Crime?  Pardons and Commutations by the President
CLICK HERE     Recess Appointments
CLICK HERE     Order of Presidential Succession
CLICK HERE     Federalists/Anti-Federalist (comparison grid)
CLICK HERE     Distinguishing Between a Democracy and a Republic
CLICK HERE     Pluralism
CLICK HERE     Criticism of the Supreme Court
CLICK HERE     Overview of the Entire Supreme Court Process
CLICK HERE     Judicial Review
      CLICK HERE     Admission of New States into the Union
CLICK HERE     Amending the Constitution
CLICK HERE     High Crimes and Misdemeanors: Congressional Disciplining of the President
CLICK HERE     How a Bill Becomes a Law
CLICK HERE     Social Welfare Policy and Entitlements
CLICK HERE     The Legislative Branch – A Broad Overview
CLICK HERE     Lobbying in the United States
CLICK HERE     Secrecy in Government
CLICK HERE     Media Bias
CLICK HERE     Media
CLICK HERE     National Security
      O t h e r   T h i n g s . . .
        Some of the material appearing in Honors International Studies have a American Government connection.
      CLICK HERE     Visual – "How a Presidential Election Boosts the Economy"  (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "The Truth About Denial"   (Newsweek)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "Rhetorical Questions"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "The Commandments - Constitution and its Worshippers"  (The New Yorker)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "The Day After Roe"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "Big Brother is Watching"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "How Charges of Voting Fraud Became a Political Strategy"   (New York Times)
      CLICK HERE     Activity – Gerrymandering
CLICK HERE     Activity – Analyzing a Hypothetical Presidential Election
CLICK HERE     Activity – What Areas of Government Need to be Fixed, and How?
CLICK HERE     Activity – Liberal-Conservative Spectrum Self-Assessment
CLICK HERE     Activity – US Constitution Primary Source look-up
CLICK HERE     Activity – Interpreting Political Cartoons
CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources – 89 Supreme Court Cases (dated 2007 and earlier)
CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources – Overview of Federalist Papers, with selected documents
CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources – Second Amendment
CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources – Separation of Church and State Debate
Calvin and Hobbes

Honors International Studies
*Beyond those posted below, other notes/activities are not yet ready for inclusion online.

      CLICK HERE     'Snapshot Global Maps' on topics of geopolitical/geostrategic import
CLICK HERE     Support for and Criticism of the United Nations
      CLICK HERE     21 Rationales for War    (Foreign Policy Magazine)
      CLICK HERE     Why Does the United States Support Israel?
      CLICK HERE     Interview – "Is International Law a Threat to Democracy?"  (Council of Foreign Relations)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "The Dark Art of Interrogation"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "Double Blind - The Infiltrator"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "How Arafat Destroyed Palestine"   (The Atlantic)
      CLICK HERE     Article – "No Babies: Europe's Population Decline"   (New York Times Magazine)
Calvin and Hobbes

Western Philosophy
*These notes/activities are not yet ready for inclusion online.

Calvin and Hobbes

*These notes/activities are not yet ready for inclusion online.

Calvin and Hobbes

Psychological Literature
*These notes/activities are not yet ready for inclusion online.

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