Phoenix High School Graduation 2020

Commencement Information June 6, 2020

  • Details of the Graduation Ceremony

    We will have wifi access outside of PHS during the event. The wifi name is Phoenix-Talent and it will NOT require a password.

    Live Streaming

    Below is a brief outline of the schedule of the ceremony. We are unsure exactly how long each student recognition will take, so the times after the first group of graduates are a bit unknown. Regardless of how long the ceremony takes, we will be at PHS until every graduate has been recognized!

    • 3:00- Playing of the National Anthem

    • 3:02- Principal’s Address

    • 3:10- Valedictory Address

    • 3:15- Salutatory Address

    • 3:20- First Group of Graduates

    • Valedictory Address

    • Second Group of Graduates

    • Salutatory Address

    • Salutatory Address

    • Third Group of Graduates

    • Superintendent Closing

    Scheduled Graduate Recognition Times (by the last name)

    • A-F= 3:00 - 4:00 pm

    • G-O= 4:00 - 5:00 pm

    • P-Z = 5:00 - 6:00 pm

    Staging Times (please arrive on Rose Street at the designated time)

    (A-F) Staging begins at 2:40

    (G-O) Staging begins at 3:40

    (P-Z) Staging begins at 4:40

    Please do not arrive early because we will not have enough room to stage everyone.

    Staging and Graduates Preparing

    • Cars with graduates and families will be staged on Rose Street facing North (everyone must stay in their cars and only 1 car per graduate).

    • Graduates need to be wearing their graduation caps, gowns, and cords or medallions they have earned (we have delivered most of these, but some medallions are still being engraved---we will personally deliver these when they are completed.)

    • Please make sure your graduate also has their tassel attached to their hat. The tassel should be on the right side. After the graduate walks onto the stage we will carry on the tradition of them moving it to the left to designate their achievement!

    • Cars will proceed one-by-one to the stage area on Rose Street.

    Stage and Recognition Procedure

    • Once arriving at the designated spot at the stage area, the graduate will exit the car, grab their diploma cover from the table (diploma will NOT be in the cover), wait for their name to be called, walk to center stage and move their tassel from right to left. The graduate can then walk down the other side of the stage.
    • Family members may exit the car to take pictures and cheer for the graduate as they receive their recognition. Please have the driver remain in the car if possible.

    • After exiting the stage, the graduate will continue to walk on the sidewalk north on Rose Street and stop at the diploma table where they will be handed their official diploma. The graduate's last stop will be the Grad Night Committee Table where they will all receive a really nice gift!

    • The graduate and family will conclude the recognition by proceeding North on Rose Street.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my graduate does not have a cap, gown, and/or tassel?

    Please contact me directly at and we will get your graduate what they need to be able to participate.

    How do we enter the event?

    Graduates and families will need to enter Rose Street south of 5th street. You can access Rose Street from 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st Streets. There will be no access to Rose Street for the event from the north. (map attached to this email)

    Can we pull a trailer through the event?

    No trailers will be allowed. 1 vehicle per graduate

    Can we decorate our vehicle?


    Are spectators allowed?

    No spectators will be allowed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Phoenix PD will NOT allow any spectators on Rose Street or on Phoenix High School grounds.

    Will there be restrooms available?

    Yes, we will have two outdoor portable restrooms and handwashing stations available.

    What if we don’t have a car for the event?

    Please let us know this in the survey (attached) or separately so we can help with this accommodation

    Will there be a professional photographer?

    Yes, we will have a professional photographer at the event. Families will be able to download the photos at no cost. You can also let us know the day of the event if you do NOT want your student to have their picture taken. We will provide the photographer information at the event.

    Where will the live-streaming portion be available?

    The live stream will be available on our Phoenix High School Facebook Page and the Phoenix High School Webpage, and

    Graduation Program


Congratulations Class of 2020!

Live Stream : Here is the direct link to the live-stream