• Heather Lowe RogersDear TES Families,

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  We are excited to welcome your student(s) to our school!  At Talent Elementary School, we deeply value the partnership between school and family.  We believe that a school should be at the heart of a community and keep this belief at the forefront of how we serve our students and families.  

    One of our top priorities for this year will center on family engagement.  As we continue to grapple with the challenges of the pandemic and our local housing crisis following the Almeda Fire, supporting families remains the focus of our mission.  To facilitate this work, we have hired Community Care Specialists at each of our elementary schools.  These specialists will work alongside families to navigate access to mental health supports, along with other areas of need.   In addition, families will participate in a district-wide assessment focused on our family engagement practices.   Our aim is to gather this important information to help us improve how we serve our students and families.  This work is grounded in our belief that all students and families should know and feel like they belong in our school community.  This goal will be accomplished by increasing our systematic systems of support and through innovative engagement practices.  

    A second major area of focus for us this year will be rooted in accelerated academic growth.  We have learned that the disruption in learning due to extended absences has impacted student performance.  With this understanding, we will implement common high-yield, researched-based instructional strategies across our district to ensure that students have an equitable learning experience.   Through our family engagement work, we will also be sharing concrete, targeted strategies with families to practice at home.  With these collaborative efforts between the home and school, we believe that we will accelerate the growth of all students.  

    We are eager to get the year started with you and your child(ren).   Our wish is that you will find our school to be an extension of your family where we laugh, love, learn, and grow together.   Please reach out if anything comes up that we can help you with.  We are here for you!


    In Service,


    Heather Lowe Rogers

    Proud Principal, TES