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  • From Jon McCalip, Director of Facilities- Phoenix-Talent Schools

    It is a sad day for our Talent Elementary family, as we are forced to remove the ‘Old Oak’ on the corner of W. Main and Wagner. We recognize that this tree is very special to many in our community and hope this communication will help provide everyone with important background details that led up to this tough decision.

    In September of 2017, it came to our attention that the Large Oak had significant health issues. The District then decided to have the tree examined by an Arborist. At the time he had concerns that the tree may not survive. He recommended that we do significant tree trimming to lighten the weight load at the top, as well as remove as many diseased limbs and mistletoe as possible. That work was performed in Oct 2017 by Beaver Tree Service. We have had the tree inspected annually for recommendations since that time. This year we had the tree examined and planned to attempt more trimming of the top to lighten the load. Unfortunately, a very large limb that wasn't even suspect from the initial assessment fell to the ground in an area frequented by staff and students. Fortunately, no one was injured as the event happened during a time in which the area was clear. Beaver Tree Service did a much more extensive examination and recommended the tree be taken down due to the hazard. They also noted that the tree is in such bad shape that it will never recover. I am attaching a copy of the Arborist report that was also provided to the city. Lumber from the tree will be preserved for special projects to be determined at a later date so the memory of the ‘Old Oak’ will live on. In addition, a replacement tree will be planted in a nearby area in late fall or early winter. Thank you for the understanding and the care you show towards our grounds and entire community.

    For the Arborist Report, please click here.



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