Phoenix-Talent Schools Operational Blueprint for Reopening

Learn from Home Options

  • To provide students and their families with flexibility and choice as schools move into the hybrid model, Phoenix-Talent Schools will continue to offer learn-from-home options.

    PTVA: The Phoenix-Talent Virtual Academy (PTVA) provides a virtual learning environment where students are supported in achieving their individual academic goals. Students, parents, teachers and support staff work collaboratively to facilitate student success. We believe all students are capable of learning, given the opportunity, appropriate environment and differentiated instruction as needed. Elementary students attend bi-weekly live learning sessions with their classroom teacher and, in addition, complete 1.5-4 hours per day (depending on age) of parent-directed instruction at home. Secondary students attend bi-weekly support sessions and check-ins with their virtual academy teacher. Students work through the Edmentum curriculum independently (and iReady program in grades 6-8) for at least 3 hours per day.  PTVA teachers offer “office hours” for student support and family guidance. Support services, such as special education and English Language Learner services, are provided virtually by the student’s specialized service provider.

    Learn-from-Home Hybrid: As classes move into hybrid learning in-person, we recognize that many families don’t yet feel comfortable sending their children to school buildings, and want to remain in their current classroom placements with current teachers.  To accommodate this desire, teachers will give online access to their students that are learning from their home environment by live-streaming their in-person classes. Please note that these streaming opportunities may not be recorded, and students will be expected to “arrive” to class on-time, and younger students will require support to do so. It is important to consider that, unlike in the traditional classroom setting or current Comprehensive Distance Learning model, the teacher cannot look over the shoulder or monitor the live streaming to provide feedback to students in the form of a quick corrective comment or guiding question. Providing individual, targeted feedback to students in this online environment requires parent focus and home strategies. Students who are participating in their classroom from home will be encouraged to attend their teachers’ “Office Hours” on Wednesdays to ask questions, receive feedback and get more individualized support. Students and parents will need to take advantage of ClassTag, email, and Google Classroom/Hangouts to communicate with teachers and educational support staff.

    Parent & Family Expectations: Parents and families are expected to provide children with a learning environment that meets the physical, behavioral and emotional needs of their student. They are required to maintain open and timely communication with teachers and support staff and promote an environment where students feel safe to learn and explore the world of education. It is important for parents and families to balance school with extracurricular activities, home responsibilities, family time, and free time. Parents and guardians are encouraged to meet the following guidelines for children that are learning from home (kindergarten-12th grade):

    1. Ensure that your child attends all of their classes - Let your child know that you expect them to attend their live sessions on time. Check their attendance through PowerSchool. Routines are important for your child’s development and success. Create a schedule with your child, just as if the learning was done in school. Maintain bedtimes (even for older children) and promote healthy habits.
    2. Be an advocate for your child - Be there to help your child and reach out to your child’s teachers for support. Use ClassTag to communicate directly with your child’s teachers, and encourage your child to use the Google platform to email or message their teacher. It is important that you remind your child to attend their teacher’s Office Hours to get extra help and support, as well as reaching out to you, siblings, and friends for support.
    3. Create a good working environment for your child - Create a workspace that motivates your child to work to their best ability. Remove distractions as much as possible, including storage of phones and video games during school hours. Teach your child to keep all of their dates and materials organized and help them avoid distractions. You are encouraged to check your child’s Chromebook screen to ensure that they remain focused on the classroom. Phoenix-Talent Schools has available hot spots (wi-fi) and Chromebooks if your child is in need; please contact your child’s teacher or school librarian to check a device out.

    4. Teach online etiquette - It is just as important to be a respectful, engaged learner in an online environment as it is in the regular classroom.

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