A Message from the Superintendent

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    April 9, 2020

    Dear Families,

    I think it is important to take a big deep breath as we settle into our new reality.  Some of you may have heard about the announcement from Governor Brown to extend the school closure for the remainder of the year.  This is sad news for our students, families and staff, but decisions are being based on the safety and health of our entire state. This is the safest decision and takes all of us to do our part. As of today, our schools are empty, but I assure you that the spirit of cooperation that has always characterized our community is strong, and as we tackle this monumental challenge, I'm reminded that we are all in this together, and Phoenix-Talent is ready to serve.

    For now, our Distance Learning plan remains in place and all students should have been contacted by their teacher.  Many teachers have also already begun connecting with students via Google Classroom/Curriculum packets and learning opportunities are off and running.  Our high school seniors are our first priority, and PHS staff will be reaching out individually to all 12th graders to create an individualized path to graduation.  We realize that parents are being put in a position that can raise anxiety, playing many roles, have lost employment and quite frankly just trying to cope with this global pandemic.  We are here for you and understand that this is a challenge for students/parents/staff as we navigate, together, through uncharted waters. 

    Hang in there!  Please reach out if you need anything, as we have many resources and community partners to help serve our school community!  

    I am grateful for a fantastic team and our resilient students/families!  I know we will get through this and hopeful to be reunited with you all in a few months!


    Brent Barry, Superintendent



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    9 de abril, 2020

    Estimadas Familias,

    Creo que es importante respirar profundamente mientras nos adaptamos a nuestra nueva realidad. Algunos de ustedes pueden haber escuchado sobre el anuncio de la Gobernadora Brown acerca de la extender el cierre de la escuela por el resto del año. Estas son noticias tristes para nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal, pero las decisiones se basan en la seguridad y la salud de todo nuestro estado. Esta es la decisión más segura y necesitamos todos a hacer nuestra parte. A partir de hoy, nuestras escuelas están vacías, pero les aseguro que el espíritu de cooperación que siempre ha caracterizado a nuestra comunidad está fuerte y a medida que afrontamos este desafío monumental, les recuerdo que estamos todos juntos en esto y el Distrito de  Phoenix-Talent estamos listo para servirlos.

    Por ahora, nuestro plan de educación a distancia sigue vigente y todos los estudiantes deberían haber sido contactados por su maestro. Muchos maestros también han comenzado a conectarse con los estudiantes a través de Google Classroom/los paquetes de currículo y las oportunidades de aprendizaje están funcionando. Nuestros estudiantes de 12º grado son nuestra primera prioridad y el personal de PHS se comunicará individualmente con todos los alumnos para crear un camino individualizado hacia la graduación. Nos damos cuenta de que los padres están en una posición que puede aumentar la ansiedad, desempeñando muchos diferentes funciones, han posiblemente  perdido el empleo y francamente, solo están tratando de hacer frente a esta pandemia global. Estamos aquí para usted y entendemos que este es un desafío para los estudiantes/padres/personal mientras navegamos juntos por aguas desconocidas.

    ¡No se rindan! Comuníquese si necesita algo, ya que tenemos muchos recursos y socios comunitarios para ayudar a servir a nuestra comunidad escolar. 

    ¡Estoy agradecido por un equipo fantástico y también nuestros estudiantes/familias resistentes! Se que lo superaremos y esperamos reunirnos con ustedes en unos meses. 


    Brent Barry, Superintendente

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    Meal Distribution

    Phoenix-Talent Schools, Sodexo, and First Student begin meal delivery by school bus on Thursday, 3/26/20 to the following community locations (weekdays between 10:15 and 10:30... just have your kids look for the school bus):

    • Stonegate on Creekview
    • Albertsons parking lot on N. Phoenix Rd.
    • Barnett Townhomes
    • Cedar Tree Apartments
    • Northridge Terrace
    • Breckinridge at Phoenix Hill
    • Medford Estates
    • Phoenix Ray's Food Palace parking lot
    • Coleman Creek Estates
    • Pacific Village
    • Rogue Valley Mobile
    • San George Estates
    • Charles Point Gazebo
    • Bel Air Mobile
    • Ashland-Talent RV Park
    • I-5 Rest Area
    • Chuck Roberts Park
    • Anjou Apartments (Subway parking lot)
    • Talent Mobile
    • Totem Pole Mobile.

    Meals can still be picked up from 10:00 am-11:30 am at Talent Elementary (curbside pickup available), Phoenix Elementary, and Orchard Hill Elementary Schools.

    We ask that you and your children maintain social distancing (keeping at least 6 feet apart from other people) while collecting meals.

    Meals are free to all children ages 1-18. If your children need meals but cannot make it to our pickup sites or drop-off locations, please email askPTS@phoenix.k12.or.us. 

Contact us at askPTS@phoenix.k12.or.us


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    Questions? Reach out to us about COVID-19 or other topics via email