Alternative Education

  • Alternative education program options have been established and approved by the Board to meet the individual needs of students. These programs will be made available to students who are unable to succeed in the regular programs because of alternate learning styles or needs which may include the following:

    1. When two or more severe disciplinary problems occur within a three-year period;     
    2.  When attendance is so erratic the student is not benefiting from the educational program;
    3. When a student’s parent or guardian or emancipated student applies for an exemption from compulsory attendance on a semiannual basis;
    4. When an expulsion is being considered;
    5. When a student is expelled.

    Examples of alternative education program options could include: online coursework, independent study, and tutorial instruction. Individual notification of alternative education shall be hand-delivered and/or sent by certified mail. Every effort shall be made to provide parents with individual notification prior to an actual alternative school placement.

photo of teen carrying books