Selection and Enrollment

  • The following criteria are used to guide our selection and enrollment process.

    1. All English Language Learners are enrolled in accordance with the process outlined in Section I, Program Placement.

    2. Newcomers and siblings of current students are given first priority preference if there is space available at their respective grade level. If no space is available, newcomers and siblings are placed at the top of the waiting list.

    3. TWBI classrooms are maintained at full capacity to preserve the continuity of the program.

    4. Every effort is made to balance the number of Spanish and English speakers in TWBI classrooms.

    5. Remaining openings in the program are filled using a lottery process that is conducted as follows:

      A)      Names of students not already enrolled are sorted by grade level and residence status. A drawing for each grade level occurs, first filling any openings by selecting resident (within school boundaries) students followed by intra-district (within district boundaries) students, followed by non-resident (out-of-district) students.  

      B)      Once all openings are filled, the remaining names are selected through the lottery process. Names are placed in order of selection at the end of any existing waiting lists.

      C)      Once the lottery process is completed and an opening occurs, the first name on the waiting list for that grade level is notified of eligibility. If the parent/guardian declines to place the student in the program at that time, the student’s name is moved to the bottom of the waiting list. 

    6. The local school administrator notifies families of their child’s enrollment status in writing by mail.