• Public Records Request


    The communications department is responsible for assisting with public records requests for the news media and other groups and individuals. Requests for public records may be submitted in writing through the superintendent's office at 401 W. 4th St., Phoenix, Oregon.

    The term “public records” is defined (see Oregon Revised Statue 192.311(5)(a) for details) as information that:

    1. Is prepared, owned, used or retained by the district;
    2. Is related to an activity, transaction or function of the district; and
    3. Is necessary to satisfy the fiscal, legal, administrative or historical policies, requirements or needs of the district.

    Public records do not include messages on voice mail or on other telephone message storage and retrieval systems, or spoken communication that is not recorded.

    A request to inspect or receive a copy of a public record must be made in writing and presented to the district administrator’s office. Upon receipt of a written request, the district shall respond within five business days acknowledging receipt of the request or completing the district’s response to the request. If the district provides an acknowledgment of the request, it must:

    1. Confirm that the district is the custodian of the requested record;
    2. Inform the requester that the district is not the custodian of the requested record; or
    3. Notify the requester that the district is uncertain whether the district is the custodian of the requested record.

    Public records are defined in KBA and details regarding public records requests can be found in KBA-AR