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AUP Staff


  • Acceptable uses of the network are activities that primarily support teaching, learning, school and district business.
  • ¬†State ethics policies forbid public employees from using access or equipment for personal gain. The network should not be used for any commercial or illegal activity.
  • Users are responsible for abiding by copyright law pertaining to computer software. Computer software protected by copyright is not to be copied from, into, or by using district computing facilities, except as permitted by law or by the contract with the owner of the copyright. This means that such computer and microcomputer software may only be copied in order to make back-up copies, if permitted by the copyright owner.
  • Faculty members are expected to review and evaluate sites before assigning activities involving the Internet. Faculty members assigning activities that include Internet use are expected to make sure students have returned signed parent permission forms to the school.
  • Users agree never to use a system to perform an illegal or malicious act. Faculty shall not intentionally access (or attempt to access) pornography, lewd, or obscene material, nor display offensive messages or pictures, use obscene language, harass, insult or attack others.
  • Assume that any information that travels through the network is like a postcard in the mail and is NOT private. Network sites accessed may be recreated/monitored. The school district reserves¬† the right to access, review and remove communications and files.
  • District employees are responsible for the use of their passwords. Sharing of a password will be considered a violation of confidentiality and this policy. Note: Sharing a password with a member of the TIS (Technology and Information Services) staff for the purpose of troubleshooting or repairing a computer would not constitute a violation of this policy.
  • Since everyone shares network resources, employees are expected to use network resources efficiently. Avoid sending or receiving unnecessary large files or mass mailings. Downloading large files (music, games, etc) or email attachments that are not related to your professional position is inappropriate.
  • Any attempt to increase the level of access to which a user is authorized shall be regarded as malicious and may be treated as an illegal act; this includes accessing the files of others.
  • Unauthorized or personal computers or computer devices are not to be connected to the district computers, computer systems, or networks without specific authorization.