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Tech Resources

Newline Active Panels

Technical Resources for Staff

Configure and use your classroom/desk phone

Learn how to configure your Voicemail, record your greeting and manage calls. 

Connecting your personal android device to the network

Learn how to connect your personal android device to the STAFF wireless network.

Learn how to find your computer's name

IT department will sometimes ask for your computer's name in order to give you support. Learn different techniques to finding your computer's name. 

Login as a different user

Learn how to change the user in windows 10. 

Resetting your domain password

Learn how to change your network, Gmail and PowerSchool password all at once. Change your password from the district's default password to a personalized password. 

Learn how to connect the Document Camera

Learn how to connect your computer and projector to any of the Doc Cameras we have. 

Connecting your new InSwan Document Reader

These new document readers are usb input, so no need to connect anything else beside the camera into a usb slot on your computer.

INSWAN Document Reader program can be downloaded by clicking this link. 

User Guides:

InSwan INS-1 Manual

InSwan INS-1 Quick Guide

Helpful Powerschool Files

Search for Seniors who have been with us thier entire school career.

i-Ready Teacher Toolbox

Teacher Toolbox

New to the Teacher Toolbox?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on REGISTER NOW.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your account.
  4. Log in and select your state and school to gain access to the subjects(s) you have purchased.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password, then click LOG IN.
  3. Select your state and school to gain access to the subjects(s) you have purchased.

Note: Please make sure you are typing in the zip code of your school and pulling down your school name. Please do not type in the address of the school, this will generate an error.  If you are a district administrator please choose a school, do not select the district.


i-Ready Access

Teacher i-Ready loginsLogging into I-Ready is now done thru Clever. If you haven't used Clever, you log in the same way you would your computer, gmail, etc.

Username: email address

Password: your password you use to log into your computer


Student i-Ready logins: Logging into i-Ready is now done thru Clever.

Launching Clever and logging in should now automatically log you into i-Ready and other programs.

i-Ready Teacher Success Guide

Teacher Manual