Student Programs and Curriculum

Pirates to Raiders

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    Southern Oregon University and Phoenix Talent School District are committed to working together to increase opportunities for Hispanic youth and families in the district.

    Program Vision
    Pirates to Raiders will assure every Hispanic student in the district has the ability to access a university education at Southern Oregon University.  As the Hispanic population in the school district continues to grow, it is our responsibility to provide educational opportunities beyond high school for those students. A partnership of students, their families, the school district, and the university will help to ensure a strong and viable future for both the Rogue Valley and the State of Oregon. This partnership leverages resources to prepare students for college course work as well as provide assistance and mentoring through application and financial aid processes.

    Program Goals
    Parent Outreach: Improve the college admissions process for families of Latino students by providing information, services, and the resources to educate parents.
    Student Outreach: Provide services for academic growth, leadership and high school graduation. Students who successfully complete the Pirates to Raiders/Bulldogs to Raiders program will be offered automatic admission to SOU, receive priority consideration for the Diversity Scholarship and will have an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree.

    Program Outcomes

    • To improve the college admissions process for families of our Hispanic students by providing information, services, and the resources to help PTSD students and their families.
    • To increase the number of PTSD Hispanic student who graduate from high school.
    • To increase the number of PTSD Hispanic students who will successfully attend a university.
    • To increase the number of PTSD Hispanic students who earn a bachelor’s degree and/or advanced degrees.

    All PTSD students who successfully complete the Pirates to Raiders program will be offered admission to SOU and will have an opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree. Starting in 8th grade and continuing through their senior year of high school, students and families will be offered active assistance by Phoenix-Talent School District and Southern Oregon University in the following areas:

    • Learning about college opportunities and the value of a university education
    • Planning visits to the Southern Oregon University campus
    • Learning about, taking, and completing college preparatory courses
    • Preparing for college
    • Applying for college admission
    • Learning about and applying for college financial aid opportunities
    • Applying for university financial aid

Alternative Education

  • Alternative education program options have been established and approved by the Board to meet the individual needs of students. These programs will be made available to students who are unable to succeed in the regular programs because of alternate learning styles or needs which may include the following:

    1. When two or more severe disciplinary problems occur within a three-year period;     
    2.  When attendance is so erratic the student is not benefiting from the educational program;
    3. When a student’s parent or guardian or emancipated student applies for exemption from compulsory attendance on a semiannual basis;
    4. When an expulsion is being considered;
    5. When a student is expelled.

    Examples of alternative education program options could include: on-line coursework, independent study and tutorial instruction. Individual notification of alternative education shall be hand-delivered and/or sent by certified mail. Every effort shall be made to provide parents with individual notification prior to an actual alternative school placement.

Statewide Test Information and Opt-Out Form

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K-8 Math Curriculum


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Magnet Programs

  • Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program
    Our Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) Program serves students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade, with continued Spanish and English language support through high school graduation.  The TWBI program challenges and stimulates children’s cognitive, social and linguistic development.  Children are given an authentic setting in which to learn from each other.  Immersion students will have the potential to participate in a variety of unique linguistic and cultural opportunities as bilingual adults.  Career options are constantly expanding; TWBI students will have more opportunities in international business, diplomacy, teaching, social work, medicine, travel, and innumerable other careers.  Elementary TWBI programs are available at Phoenix Elementary and Talent Elementary Schools.
    Secondary TWBI students continue to use their Spanish language and literacy skills in middle and high school through Spanish social studies curricula.  Spanish language courses are available at Talent Middle School and Phoenix High School as well.
    Outdoor Discovery Program

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    Talent Elementary and Talent Middle Schools' Outdoor Discovery Program (ODP) is a magnet program for grades K-8.

    Core Beliefs of the Outdoor Discovery Program:
    • Nature is inherently educational
    • Learning is deepened through integration and an understanding of interconnectedness
    • The complete educational triad consists of parents, teachers and students
    • Children are innately curious about the world
    • Children thrive when they are pursuing an interest
    • Volunteerism and community involvement lead to happiness and self-awareness
    • Children want and need to develop problem-solving skills
    Admission: Enrollment in ODP is open to all Phoenix-Talent students and is held by lottery each spring.  To arrange a classroom visit, add your child's name to the waitlist or to receive more information, please contact Talent Elementary at 541.535.1531.

    ODP Brochure

    School of Design & Innovation

    The Talent Middle School of Design and Innovation (SDI) students walk away from the program with a firm confidence in critical thinking and designing solutions to a variety of problems. The program enhances students' innate ability to innovate, design and build. All core subject instruction are integrated in this dual-grade level (7th/8th) largely self-contained program. Students are grouped together for most of the day, independent of the traditional 7-period day that the rest of the TMS student body uses.