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  • Board of Directors 2019-2020

    Craig Prewitt, Board Chair -

    Dawn Watson, Vice-Chair -

    Rick Nagel -

    Shana Vos -

    Sara Crawford -

    Lori Ghavam -

    Alexis Di Fruscia -



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  • Meet our newest board member Alexis Di Fruscia

     Alexis Di Fruscia

    Alexis is a junior at Southern Oregon University.  Alexis comes from a family that has served in education.  Her father had an outdoor wilderness school,  her mother, Marina Piacentini, is a teacher at Talent Middle School and she also served on the board for seven years. Alexis's grandfather was also a teacher. 

    Alexis is studying for her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and plans to get her master’s in teaching.

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OSBA Conference 2017

  • Picture of Board of Directors




    2018-19 Phoenix-Talent Schools Board and Superintendent.  From Left to right: Craig Prewitt, Nate Shinn, Board Chairman; Sara Crawford, Richard Nagel, Shana Vos, Lori Ghavam, Dawn Watson, Board Vice-Chair; and Superintendent Brent Barry.  Photo taken at OSBA Annual Conference, November 2017.











Board Guiding Principles


    • The Board shall make decisions based on factors that assure the best possible learning environment for all students with emphasis on minimum class sizes, varied curriculum and student achievement for all.


    • The Board shall encourage and support the Superintendent and Staff in continuing the efficient operation of the school district and strive, individually and collectively, to recognize the outstanding efforts and growth of all staff on a regular basis.


    • The Board shall make balanced decisions and policies mindful of the best interest of all members of the school district including the students, parents/guardians, educators and the citizens of the community.


    • The Board shall evaluate, periodically, all programs and attempt to continue, modify or restore as many disciplines as practical to provide a broad-based education for all students.


    • The Board shall increase and monitor educational opportunities for student success through appropriate curriculum with classroom flexibility on an individual basis, when warranted and resources are available.


    • The Board shall be knowledgeable about District activities and functions and shall encourage and support students, staff and community by attending and participating in District activities and functions when and as often as possible.


    • The Board shall encourage appropriate communication pathways with students, parents/guardians, community members, and District staff, while maintaining the highest code of ethics and professional behavior.


    • The Board shall encourage the conservative use of all resources, both natural and man-made. Strategic decisions should be made with consideration for longevity, fiscal responsibility, and sustainability.


    • The Board shall continue to affirm our commitment to the community using bond resources to build a premium education environment in our region.

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