The Student-Mediation Dispute Resolution Program

  • The Student-Mediation Dispute Resolution Program is the oldest continuously active high school peer-mediation program found between Sacramento (California) and Seattle (Washington).   Created over the summer of 2000 and debuting in September of that year, members of the program have diligently and successfully worked to identify and dissuade conflict on the high school campus, have taught skills to other visiting schools (middle and high school, and university) who were seeking to start their own programs, and have presented with poise at professional conferences hosted by Southern Oregon University, the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon School Board Association and the Oregon Mediation Association.

    The Vision Statement of the Mediation Program:  To saturate the high school campus with students who have a background in conflict identification and dispute resolution skills, all the while maintaining a smaller highly-trained group of student-mediators who will actually handle the serious disputes in a controlled mediation atmosphere.

    The Mission Statement of the Mediation Program:  The mission of the Student-Mediation Dispute Resolution Program is to contribute to the transformation of our school into a safer, more culturally sensitive and effective institution. 

    Through our efforts, we will strive . . .

    • To encourage young people to become initiative-taking leaders in the school
    • To help students and educators view conflict as an opportunity for personal and institutional growth.
    • To teach students the skills to resolve conflict non-violently and collaboratively.
    • To mediate challenging conflicts at the request of a concerned party.
    • To disseminate an approach to problem solving that values diversity and respects differences of opinion.
    • To provide students with knowledge, experience and the materials necessary to integrate collaborative conflict resolution processes into their personal lives and future endeavors.


    The following links will provide information on the program. 

    CLICK HERE    Informational Flier (for Students) for the Mediation Program

    CLICK HERE    Informational Flier (for Staff) for the Mediation Program

    CLICK HERE    The Program's Facebook page.  We do not post often.  It is a platform for alumni and those interested in the program to remain connected, and has photos dating back to the programs start.

    CLICK HERE    Overview of the Student-Mediation Dispute Resolution Program

    CLICK HERE    Recommended "Mediation Script" for use in mediation settings

    CLICK HERE    Supplemental readings to support trainings in the Mediation Program

    CLICK HERE    “Conflict Resolution in Schools” by John Cornet (an unpublished manuscript)


    For further information, contact John Cornet, 541-535-5232 (cell), John.Cornet@Phoenix.K12.Or.Us

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