• Mr.Cornet’s Social Studies Curriculum

    What follows are a collection of assignments and readings which are commonly (but not necessarily always) used in Mr.Cornet’s courses.  They are offered here for students who may have been absent and who need to get a copy of them.   By offering them online, it is hoped that . . .

    • All students will have fewer missing/late assignments.
    • These will support the learning of students with special needs and English Language Learners by making available necessary assignments and notes to their programs support staff and parents.
    • Advanced Placement students (both in my course and elsewhere in the nation) will have more material to review in preparation for their exam.
    • Educators around the world may find these of value to their own instructional practices.

    Let me stress that these certainly do not include everything we do (absent below, for instance, would be most lecture notes and film, among other things).  Rather, the curriculum which follows represent a collection of assignments commonly utilized in class and offer a glimpse of the type of material and learnings the course covers.  (I made an effort to get the USH and Gov courses up since they are my largest populations; I will post more for the other classes when time allows).  Questions may be directed to the instructor at John.Cornet@Phoenix.K12.Or.Us


    United States History

    What follows are assignments which are commonly used in the United States History course.  Additional resources applicable to this topic may be found in the Government course listed below.
    Shorthand Key---> "B" Brainstorm,  "R" reading,  "M" Map,  "I" Inquiry,  "C" Modeled after Common Core,  "Ch" Chart,  "*" indicates that questions accompany the assignment.
        CLICK HERE     Course Syllibus and Curriculum
        CLICK HERE     R,I*      ---                 Historical Thinking Skills
        CLICK HERE            1600-1700     Motivations Underlying Colonial Settlement
        CLICK HERE     B         1600-1753     English-Influenced Tensions During the Colonial Era
        CLICK HERE     B*       1600-1764     Early Colonial Settlement and Development of Regional Culture
        CLICK HERE     B*       1600-1970     American Religious Movements
        CLICK HERE     I*        1692              Salem Witch Trials
        CLICK HERE     B*       1760-1986     Brief Overview of Immigration in America
        CLICK HERE     B*       1763-1775     Accumulation of Grievances
        CLICK HERE     I,C*     1777-1780     Benedict Arnold
        CLICK HERE     C         1782-1783     Treaty of 1783
        CLICK HERE     B*       1781-1783     Forming a New Government
        CLICK HERE     Ch       1786-1791     Comparions of Federalist and AntiFederalist Views
        CLICK HERE             1800-1809     Power Struggles inthe Jeffersonian Era
        CLICK HERE     B         1800-1860     Westward Expansion and Manifest Destany
        CLICK HERE     B*       1801-1837     Contrasting Principles of Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy
        CLICK HERE     B         1816-1824     Era of Good Feelings
        CLICK HERE     B*       1824-1840     Jacksonian Era
        CLICK HERE     B*       1787-1860     Antebellum Era (Increasing Sectional Differences)
        CLICK HERE     R*       1820-1861     Slavery Review
        CLICK HERE             1848-1920     Suffragette Movement
        CLICK HERE     C         1861-1865     Civil War
        CLICK HERE     B,R*    1865-1877     Reconstruction Era
        CLICK HERE     B         1877-1893     Gilded Age
        CLICK HERE     B,R*    1894-1912     Progressive Era
        CLICK HERE     B         1896-1954     Early Foundation of the Civil Rights Era
        CLICK HERE     notes  1914              Causes of World War I
        CLICK HERE     B*       1914-1918     Public Opinion During World War I
        CLICK HERE     B*       1914-1918     Home Front During World War I
        CLICK HERE     B*       1917-1945     Cold War I: Origins of the Cold War (a political science interpretation)
        CLICK HERE     B*       1919-1929     Roaring Twenties
        CLICK HERE     R*       1919-1929     Flappers
        CLICK HERE     R*       1919-1933     Prohibition
        CLICK HERE     notes  1927-1929     Economic Conditions Preceding the Stock Market Crash
        CLICK HERE     B         1929-1933     Hoover Administration
        CLICK HERE             1929-1937     Great Depression
        CLICK HERE     B*       1932-1939     New Deal and Pre-War F.D.Roosevelt
        CLICK HERE     B*       1941-1945     Home Front During World War II
        CLICK HERE     R*       1941-1945     Japanese-American Internment Camps
        CLICK HERE     outline1939-1945     Key Learning Questions about the Shoah/Holocaust
        CLICK HERE     R*       1945               Opinions Regarding the Use of the Atomic Bombs
        CLICK HERE     B*       1950-1959     The 1950s
        CLICK HERE     R*       1950-1970     Cesar Chavez
        CLICK HERE     B*       1945-1989     Cold War II: The Cold War Entrenched
        CLICK HERE     B         1945-1989     Cold War III: Cold War Policies and Theory
        CLICK HERE     B*       1954-1969     Civil Rights Movement
        CLICK HERE     R*       1958-1968     Comparison of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X
        CLICK HERE     B*       1963-1971     Escalation of Anti-War Sentiment
        CLICK HERE     B*       1964-1972     Twenty-somethings in the 1960s
        CLICK HERE     B*       1967              "I am Joaquin" poem by Rodolfo Gonzales
        CLICK HERE     R,I*     1969              Nixon and the Apollo 11 Space Crisis
        CLICK HERE     B*       1970-1979     The 1970s
        CLICK HERE     R,I*     1973-1975     Nixon, Watergate and Impeachment
    Recommendations for students who ask for independant resources
        CLICK HERE     Book/Film Recommendations - The Founding Era
        CLICK HERE     Book/Film Recommendations - Antebellem, Civil War and Reconstruction
        CLICK HERE     Book/Film Recommendations - Roaring 20s and Economic Depression
        CLICK HERE     Book/Film Recommendations - World War II and the Shoah
        CLICK HERE     Book/Film Recommendations - Civil Rights, Vietnam and 60s-era Political Change
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x


    government cartoon

    AP American Government

    Other resources relevent to this course can be found in the United States History and Honors International Studies course materials
        CLICK HERE     Course Syllabus and Curriculum
        A P   E x a m i n a t i o n   P r e p
        CLICK HERE     AP Multipe Choice Questions  x493
        CLICK HERE     AP Free Response Questions  x76
        CLICK HERE     Textbook Outlining Assigment (dates are for the 2017-2018 school year)
        Q u i c k   L o o k u p   N o t e s
        CLICK HERE     Nationalization of the Bill of Rights
        CLICK HERE     Checks and Balances
        CLICK HERE     Federalism
        CLICK HERE     Tactics which Influence the Crafting and Deliberations of Legislation
        CLICK HERE     Introduction to American Government
        CLICK HERE     Overview of the US Constitution and Amendments
        CLICK HERE     Overview of the Plan of Union, Articles and Constitution
        CLICK HERE     Departments within each Branch of Government
        CLICK HERE     Meeting Job Expectations?  The Number of Working Days, by Branch
        CLICK HERE     Electoral College
        CLICK HERE     Executive Order
        CLICK HERE     Midnight Regulations
        CLICK HERE     Tough on Crime?  Presidential Pardons by Administratiuon
        CLICK HERE     Recess Appointments
        CLICK HERE     Order of Presidential Succession
        CLICK HERE     Distinguishing Between a Democracy and a Republic
        CLICK HERE     Pluralism
        CLICK HERE     Criticism of the Supreme Court
        CLICK HERE     Overview of the Entire Supreme Court Process
        CLICK HERE     Judicial Review
        CLICK HERE     Admission of New States into the Union
        CLICK HERE     Amending the Constitution
        CLICK HERE     Congressional Disciplining of the President
        CLICK HERE     How a Bill Becomes a Law
        CLICK HERE     Social Welfare Policy
        CLICK HERE     The Legislative Branch - A Broad Overview
        CLICK HERE     Lobbying in the United States
        CLICK HERE     Secrecy in Government
        CLICK HERE     Assessing Media Bias
        CLICK HERE     Media and Cyberpolitics
        CLICK HERE     Sources of Distrust in the American Political System
        F o u n d a t i o n   D o c u m e n t s
        CLICK HERE     Brief Comparative Synopsis of the Foundation Documents
        CLICK HERE     Declaration of Independence   (1776)
        CLICK HERE     Articles of Confederation   (1777)
        CLICK HERE     Federalist nr.10   (1787)
        CLICK HERE     Brutus nr.I   (1788)
        CLICK HERE     Federalist nr.51   (1788)
        CLICK HERE     Federalist nr.70   (1788)
        CLICK HERE     Federalist nr.78   (1788)
        CLICK HERE     Constitution of the United States   (1789)
        CLICK HERE     Letter from a Birmingham Jail   (1963)
        R e q u i r e d   S u p r e m e   C o ur t   C a s e s
        CLICK HERE     Brief Comparative Synopsis of Supreme Court cases
        CLICK HERE     Marbury v Madison   (1803)
        CLICK HERE     McCullough v Maryland   (1819)
        CLICK HERE     Schenck v United States   (1919)
        CLICK HERE     Brown v Board of Education   (1954)
        CLICK HERE     Baker v Carr   (1961)
        CLICK HERE     Engel v Vitale   (1962)
        CLICK HERE     Gideon v Wainwright   (1963)
        CLICK HERE     Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District   (1969)
        CLICK HERE     New York Times v United States   (1971)
        CLICK HERE     Wisconsin v Yoder   (1972)
        CLICK HERE     Roe v Wade   (1973)
        CLICK HERE     Shaw v Reno   (1993)
        CLICK HERE     United States v Lopez   (1995)
        CLICK HERE     McDonald v Chicago   (2010)
        CLICK HERE     Citizens United v Federal Election Commission   (2010)
        O t h e r   T h i n g s . . .
        CLICK HERE     Review (synthesis) - Foundations of American Democracy
        CLICK HERE     Review (synthesis) - Interactions Among Branches of Government
        CLICK HERE     Review (synthesis) - Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
        CLICK HERE     Review (synthesis) - American Political Ideologies and Beliefs
        CLICK HERE     Review (synthesis) - Political Participation
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - Constitutional Underpinnings
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - Political Beliefs and Political Behaviors
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - Interest Groups, Political Parties and Mass Media
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - Congress and the Presidency
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - The Bureaucracy and the Judiciary
        CLICK HERE     Review (general info) - Civil Liberities and Civil Rights
        CLICK HERE     AP Textbook - American Government - Roots and Reform, 12th edition (2016)
        CLICK HERE     AP Textbook - American Government, Institutions and Politics, 11th edition (2008)
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Truth About Denial   (Newsweek)
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Day After Roe   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Rhetorical Questions   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Big Brother is Listening   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Claiming Voting Fraud as a Political Strategy
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Commandments: Constitution and its Worshippers   (New Yorker)
        CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources - Brief synopsis of many Supreme Court cases
        CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources - The Second Amendment
        CLICK HERE     A Sampling of Sources - The First Amendment / Separation of Church and State
        CLICK HERE     Chart - Campaign Inc.   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Government Fixes
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Gerrymandering
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Interpreting Political Cartoons
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Analyzing a Hypothetical Election
        CLICK HERE     Activity - US Constitution article/section lookup
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Liberal-Conservative Learning Spectrum
        CLICK HERE     A Primer on Reparations
        CLICK HERE     Racial Justice / Understanding BLM Greviances


    cartoon global warming

    Honors International Studies

    Some material relevent to this course appears in the United States History and American Govrnment curriculum. 
        CLICK HERE     Course Syllabus and Curriculum
        CLICK HERE     National Security
        CLICK HERE     Generay Essay Prompts
        CLICK HERE     Support for and Criticism of the United Nations
        CLICK HERE     Why the United States Supports Israel
        CLICK HERE     Geopolitical/Geostrategic Maps which offer a Snapshop of Issues
        CLICK HERE     Globalization
        CLICK HERE     Reparations
        CLICK HERE     Failing Nation-States: Indicators of Instability   (Foreign Policy)
        CLICK HERE     Polarity of the World notes
        CLICK HERE     Article - Europe's Declining Birthrate   (New York Times Magazine)
        CLICK HERE     Article - First Law of Petropolitics   (Foreign Affairs)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Logic of Suicide Terrorism   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Infiltrator / Double Blind   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Age of NonPolarity   (Foreign Affairs)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Who Shot Mohammad al Dura?   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - How Arafat Destroyed Palestine   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - The Dark Art of Interrogation   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Activity - Globalization / Transnational Corporation Game
        CLICK HERE     Interview - Is International Law a threat to Democracy?
        CLICK HERE     Conclusions of Chapters 1 & 2 of 'Why Nations Go To War'
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x

    philosophy cartoon

    Western Philosophy

        CLICK HERE     Course Syllabus and Curriculum
        CLICK HERE     Les Miserables essay assignments
        CLICK HERE     Les Miserables / Epomine
        CLICK HERE     Les Miserables / Jean Valjean
        CLICK HERE     Star Trek / Enterprise
        CLICK HERE     Star Trek / Measure of a Man
        CLICK HERE     "Minority Report" film discussion questions
        CLICK HERE     Article - Is God An Accident?   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Oh Gods!   (Atlantic Monthly
        CLICK HERE     Article - ET and God   (Atlantic Monthly)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Thought Experiments   (Scientific American)
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x

    psychology cartoon

    Psychology / Psychological Literature

        CLICK HERE     Course Syllabus and Curriculum (Psychology)
        CLICK HERE     Course Syllabus and Curriculum (Psychological Literature)
        CLICK HERE     Disorder Gathering 34
        CLICK HERE     Disorder Gathering 36
        CLICK HERE     Disorder Gathering 49
        CLICK HERE     Answer Key for Disorder Gatherings
        CLICK HERE     The Brain - Function, Structure, Anatomy, and Influence of Substances
        CLICK HERE     Revenge of the Introverts (Psychology Today) 
        CLICK HERE     Defense Mechanisms
        CLICK HERE     "Aviator" film questions
        CLICK HERE     Precis Bell Activities *short
        CLICK HERE     Precis Bell Activities *long
        CLICK HERE     Precis Bell Activities *story/narritive
        CLICK HERE     Article - Getting Out Alive   (Time)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Depressing News about AntiDepressents (Newsweek), with questions HERE 
        CLICK HERE     Article - Mystery of the 18 Twitching Teenagers   (New York Times Magazine)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Bipolar Puzzle   (New York Times Magazine)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Forgetting Faces (Scientific American), with questions HERE
        CLICK HERE     Article - It' All Done With Mirrors (Scientific American)
        CLICK HERE     Article - Selective Mutism
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     x
        CLICK HERE     Report - Impact of Texting in Class
        CLICK HERE     Review Resource - Crash Course Book, 2013
        CLICK HERE     Textbook

    cartoon grades

    Other Classrom Documents

       CLICK HERE     Classroom Rules and Expectations (short version)
       CLICK HERE     Policy Pertaining to Plagiarism