PTRA K-5th Grade Elementary Program

Elementary Kids
  • Do you want to homeschool your child but feel overwhelmed by curriculum choices, planning, testing, socialization, subjects you don’t understand well, etc? In our program, a certified teacher will come alongside you and help with those aspects of homeschooling.

    Our curriculum is robust, comprehensive, and flexible. We have specific reading and math curricula for our students, while writing, science, social studies, and art are open-ended to fit your lifestyle, and your child’s specific learning needs.

    We have a schedule that you can follow daily, or you are free to create your schedule for you and your child to learn in a way that works for your lifestyle. Teachers also provide extra resources for families that wish to go above and beyond required learning.

    PTRA includes online learning and hands-on learning opportunities. Our online curriculum is an engaging reading and math program called I-Ready. I-Ready is a program that targets students’ specific reading and math needs to fill holes or move students above grade level. Hands-on learning opportunities are available in math, suggested Science/Social Studies activities, optional in-person art lessons, and field trip opportunities.

    We offer in-person instruction for struggling students. We also have the option for parents to watch a teacher model a lesson to perfect lesson delivery.