TRiO Educational Talent Search

  • TRiO Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally funded program that helps students in middle and high schools achieve their dreams of attending college. 

    TRiO ETS offers support and counseling in a variety of areas, including academic, financial, and career exploration, with the goal of assisting students in entry into post-secondary programs. TRiO also offers information and exploration into a variety of careers and education facilities and personalized assistance with college admissions and scholarship applications. 

    The goal of TRiO ETS is to increase the number of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who enroll in and successfully complete their post-secondary education. 

     Phoenix High School's Transition Specialist, Sonia Lemacks, is located in the Future Planning Center at Phoenix High School, and works in groups and on a one-on-one basis with students enrolled in the TRiO Program.


    Eligiblity Requirements:

    To be eligible for TRiO ETS services, you must qualify as a low income and/or first generation student (neither parent obtained a four-year college degree). 

    All TRiO ETS participants must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified permanent resident. 

    All applications are required to complete a TRiO ETS application available from Sonia Lemacks at the FPC. 


    For more information about the TRiO ETS program, visit



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sonia Lemacks

Please contact Sonia in the Future Planning Center for more information and to sign up for TRiO at PHS, Talent MS, McLoughlin MS, or White Mountain MS. 

(541) 897-6738 or