With our partners at SOU and RCC, Phoenix High School connects students to college credits and huge savings!

  • Many classes offered at Phoenix High School may be eligible for college credit through either SOU or RCC, or through AP Testing. We offer a wide variety of classes at PHS that may be eligible for college credit, ranging from math, to social studies, to electives such as Digital Media and Autos. 

    Students may register through SOU or RCC to earn these college credits, depending on the availability and the grades earned in the classes. College credits earned in high school are a great deal, as these credits are heavily discounted! 


    SOU Credit classes are $45/credit ($172/semester). For courses offered throughout the year, the total cost for 8 college credits is $344.

     This is a fantastic deal, as 8 credits through SOU traditionally costs over $1,300! 

    Also available on a limited bases for SOU Credits are Fee Waivers. Students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunches are also eligible for a fee waiver, which reduces the price of one semester to $45. Students are only eligible for one fee waiver a semester, and waivers are limited!


    RCC Credit classes are free all year long!


    To register for SOU Credits, and for more information, go to https://inside.sou.edu/youth/asc/index.html. Also attached below is an instruction form for how to register for SOU Credits through PHS classes. The deadline for registering for SOU credits is October 7, 2019.


    To register for RCC Credits, and for more information, go to http://go.roguecc.edu/department/college-now/information-studentsparentsThe deadline for registering for RCC credits is September 23, 2019, with late registration allowed through October 2, 2019.

College Credit - 1
College Credit - 2