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PHS hosts 'Chopped' competition


Phoenix High holds 'Chopped' food competition

The butter may have burned, that fire was not part of the plan and some of those plates weren't exactly works of art, but Phoenix High School's first-ever "Chopped" competition is in the books.

Breaking the school's incredible kitchen, four teams went head-to-head Friday in a competition to see which team could make the highest-scoring meal from a refrigerator of leftovers. Competitors had a 20-minute time limit, after which they quickly plated for a panel of judges that included assistant principal and athletics director Dave Ehrhardt, school board chair Dawn Watson and school nurse Carrie McDonald.

Adding a bit of authenticity to the event was the presence of TV reporters from all three local network affiliates who swarmed the kitchen for the duration. KOBI had some fun with its story, and the KTVL story included a photo gallery. Click away, please.

"They're all winners," said culinary teacher and student manager Christie Sanders before announcing the results to the media. There was a first-place tie between the pasta chicken salad and side of potatoes, and the mozzarella chicken with a side of macaroni and cheese.