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COVID-19 testing available

Phoenix-Talent Schools are making voluntary weekly testing of students available. If interested, parents need to sign their students up using the links below:

Parent consent form:

Sign your student up to participate here:

HOW IT WORKS: Participating students will receive a saliva test once per week at school. They will bring the test kit home to collect their saliva sample and bring it back to school the following day. The school will send the test in to the University of Oregon and the results will be shared with parents/guardians within 48 hours of receipt. Positive results will be shared with the Oregon Health Authority and Jackson County Health and Human Services. The school does not receive test results directly and parents/guardians school need to inform the school nurse, Carrie McDonald, immediately if a test is positive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will continue to have rapid testing available, with parent consent, for students who become symptomatic while at school.