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PTS gets tech upgrade

A TES teacher shows students a math problem using a new panel display

Fifty new 65-inch interactive, multi-touch display panels were installed in the three Phoenix-Talent School District elementary schools recently and some are already being put to use by teachers.

Purchased with Title I carryover funds, the state-of-the-art displays are replacing the district's aging projectors but can do a whole lot more than project images.

The touch screens will allow teachers to incorporate multimedia content with the swipe of a finger, convert sloppy handwriting into perfect text and integrate video and web conferencing applications seamlessly, and will allow students to screencast straight from their Chromebooks so the entire class can collaborate.

The crystal-clear displays, which are mounted on stands with wheels for easy transport from room to room, also have powerful accessibility features that will allow students with vision impairments to interact with the class.