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Severe weather procedures


Severe Weather Procedures

Question: How will severe weather impact my school? 

Answer: If severe weather strikes our region the following decisions are possible:

• Every school in the Phoenix-Talent School District is closed. Essential safety personnel may be asked to work if it's safe to do so.

• Two-hour delayed start – school begins two hours after the regularly scheduled start time (Phoenix High would begin at 10:30 am, Talent Middle School at 10:40 am and all elementary schools at 9:50 am). 

Question: How do you decide if the school day needs to be canceled, delayed, or shortened? 

Answer: We always put student safety first, using all available data, including working closely with the National Weather Service to make the best decision possible.

Question: How will you notify the community of schedule changes due to weather? 

Answer: Once a decision is made to cancel or delay school (usually by 5:45 am on the day of the cancelation and possibly sooner), we will complete the following: 

  • PTS alerts: a text message, automated phone call, mobile app alert and email will be sent to you from the Phoenix-Talent School District. If you are not receiving texts, phone calls and/or emails from the district, you must login to your PowerSchool account and update your contact information. If you do not have the mobile app, you can download it by clicking here: iOS users / Android users.
  • Website alerts: an alert will flash across the screen of every PTS website, notifying users of any changes to the schedule and bus routes. 
  • Social media posts: changes to schedules and bus routes will be posted on the district's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages/feeds.
  • Local media: updates will be shared immediately with local media, including the Rogue Valley Times, the Grants Pass Daily Courier, Medford Alert, KOBI-5, KTVL-10 and KDRV-12.

Question: How is interdistrict transportation handled when one district declares a snow day but the other does not? 

Answer: The Phoenix-Talent School District will not expect transportation from a district that declares a snow day. For instance, if the Phoenix-Talent School District determines that the roads are clear enough for school to begin at its regularly scheduled time but the Eagle Point School District declares a snow day, those students whose transportation to a Phoenix-Talent school depend upon an Eagle Point SD bus will not be required to attend in-person.