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Exclusion Day is February 15

Dear PTS families,

We would like to remind you that February 15 is School Exclusion Day, which is the day that children will not be allowed to attend a school or child care if their records on file show missing immunizations.

Under state law, all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified child care facilities must have up-to-date documentation on their immunizations or have an exemption.

If a child’s school and child care vaccination records are not up to date on February 15, the child will be sent home. In 2019, local health departments sent 22,547 letters to parents and guardians informing them that their children needed immunizations to stay in school or child care. A total of 4,043 children were kept out of school or child care until the necessary immunization information was turned into the schools or child care facilities.

La Clinica can administer vaccines at any of our school-based health centers. Parents and guardians may also take their children to the Jackson County Health and Human Services Department to receive immunizations. No one can be turned away from a local health department because of the inability to pay for required vaccines.

For more information, please contact your school’s front office. You may also contact the Jackson County Public Health Department at 541-774-8209 or