Student-Mediation Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Program



Advisor:  John Cornet

Contact: CoachCornet@Hotmail.Com or (541) 535-5232

Phoenix HS is the ONLY high school in southern Oregon to have a peer-mediation program, and it is the oldest continuously active program between Seattle (Washington) and Sacramento (California).

We are a group of students trained in conflict identification and dispute resolution skills who will mediate situations on campus with the goal of fostering a safe, supportive and harmonious atmosphere.  Skill trainings occur throughout the school year, usually during lunch, and students attend as their schedule permits.   Skill trainings are rooted in restorative practices, and the type of situation students are prepared to intervene with are not restricted solely to high school issues, but also post-graduation matters as well.  This program conveys career-ready skills which are worth inclusion on a professional resume.
This is a type of leadership organization which will enhance your employment resume, scholarship potential and university applications. Students can earn academic credit from Southern Oregon University, and elective credit toward high school graduation.
The program has never had fewer than 10% of the school population involved in formal mediation trainings.  In 2015-2016, 15% of the high school population has some form of conflict resolution training under the auspices of this program.

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This is the Mediation Referral Form we utilize to get the process started.
This is our Mediation Recruitment/Informational Flier

This is a Staff Informational Flier we give to staff, with details of the program as relevant to them.

The Mediation Script student-mediators use in our preparatory trainings.

The Mediation Program Packet, with 97 pages of information pertaining to the program!

“Conflict Resolution in Schools” by John Cornet (an unpublished manuscript)

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