Public Comments

The laws governing boards of education require that their work be done where the public can observe their actions. The law does not require the board to allow the public to comment before the board nor participate in board meetings. However, boards of education typically desire community involvement in the decision-making process. The board should have a process in place to hear from the community in a way that does not obstruct the ability of the board to conduct necessary business. 

In Phoenix-Talent Schools, per policy BDDH, our board hears public oral comments towards the beginning of the agenda. During this time, patrons may comment on a topic that’s on the agenda or choose to comment on a topic that’s not on the agenda. In most cases, the public will be able to comment on an actionable agenda item at least twice ― first when the item is on the agenda for information and discussion, and again when the item is moved to action by the board. 

The district has fielded requests from citizens to allow public comments to be submitted throughout meetings as specific items are discussed by the board. Since making such a change could potentially prevent the board from conducting business in a timely fashion, it will continue to adhere to policy BDDH. In addition, the public can submit public comments via the link provided on the Phoenix-Talent SD webpage. Comments submitted by 5 pm the day prior to the board meeting will be shared with all board members before the meeting.  

In general, it is the board’s meeting and others may participate only with the approval of the board.

Currently, our board meetings are open to the public and may also be accessed via ZOOM. Links to the live stream and other information on how to join is available within the meeting agenda, which is posted on the district's agenda/minutes page prior to each meeting.

Those who wish to offer public comments to the school board may do so by addressing the board directly during the board meeting or by submitting a written comment beforehand (English/Spanish). Written comments should be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on the day before the meeting. For those joining virtually who wish to have their comments heard during the specified time on the agenda, please use the raise hand feature and wait for the Board Chair to call your name. If there are multiple members of a group or organization attending, the board chair may ask that a representative speak on behalf of the group and limit time for public comment. During citizen comments, the board will listen but not respond to comments.

When your name is called:

  • If attending in person, please address the board, state your name, organization you represent (if any), city of residence and topic or agenda item number you wish to address.
  • If attending virtually, please be sure your video and microphone are turned on. When the Board Chair calls your name, please state your name, organization you represent (if any), city of residence and topic or agenda item number you wish to address.
  •  Keep your comments to no more than three minutes. There is a maximum of 30 minutes total allotted for citizen comments during each meeting.
  •  Avoid complaints or naming individual staff members or students when you speak. There is another procedure for this.
  •  If you've submitted written comments via our website, please summarize instead of reading word for word.